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Falcon Expert series rods


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Falcon Expert series rods

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All new for 2019, we are proud to introduce the latest generation of Experts™. Featuring actions tuned through close consultation with the Falcon pro-staff like Bassmaster Elite Series anglers Jason Christie and Mike McClelland, our all-new, top-of-the-line, Expert Series rods are built with one purpose in mind. Winning.

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It all starts with the blank. To enhance power-to-weight ratio, we use CrossMatch, our all-new, state-of-the-art composite of Japanese carbon whose multi-layer, cross-directional fibers boost strength while requiring less material and resin. The result is a rod that’s significantly lighter, incredibly muscular, and considerably more sensitive. Other benefits include superior resistance to torsional deflection.  In other words, the blank resists rollover or twist which can help increase cast accuracy. Like all Falcon rods, Expert Series components are 100% Fuji – from the reel seats to the tangle-free K Frame guides. Whether you’re a tournament pro, or just want to fish like one, you just can’t lose with Falcon’s new Expert Series rods.

EC-4-168 Jerkbait M M 9 8-17 lb. 1/4 to 1/2 oz. 6'8" This true jerk bait rod has a lighter action to work the bait properly and get the right hookset.
EC-5-1610 Top Water / Finesse Jig MH MF 9 10-20 lb. 1/4 to 3/4 oz. 6'10" Our popular finesse jig action takes a new level with Expert technology.
EC-5-17 All-Around MH MF 10 12-20 lb. 3/8 to 3/4 oz. 7' One of our most popular actions makes a great crankbait rod but can do almost anything.
EC-5C-178 Deep Cranker MH S 10 12-25 lb. 3/8 to 3/4 oz. 7'8" Choose this Expert for extra long casts with crankbaits.
EC-6-1610 Spinnerbait/Chatterbait H MF 10 12-25 lb. 1/4 to 3/4 oz. 6'10" This Expert works great for bladed baits or anything that needs an accurate presentation.
EC-6-17 Buzz Bait H F 10 12-25 lb. 3/8 to 1 oz. 7' A heavier version of the "All-Around" for large buzzbaits and crankbaits.
EC-6-176 Dragger/ Hvy Cover Jig H MF 10 15-30 lb. 3/8 to 1 1/4 oz. 7'6" Originally designed for football jigs, this Expert can also drag a Carolina rig with the same precision.
EC-7-1611 Froggin'/Pitchin' H F 10 15-30 lb. 3/8 to 2 oz. 6'11" A true frog rod, it's soft enough for subtle action but powerful enough to deal with matted vegetation.
EC-7-173 Amistad H F 10 15-30 lb. 3/8 to 2 oz. 7' 3" One of our most popular actions makes an excellent all-around pitching rod.
EC-7-176 Swimbait H F 10 15-30 lb. 3/8 to 2 oz. 7'6" With its dynamic action, this Expert can load up and deliver a swimbait without missing a beat
EC-7-18 XD Cranker H F 11 15-30 lb. 3/8 to 2 oz. 8' For long casts with extra large crankbaits, there is no substitute.
EC-8-174 Amistad XH XH F 10 20-40 lb. 3/4 to 3 oz. 7'4" This Texas style power rod also makes a great swimbait rod.
EC-8-18 Flippin'/Punchin' XH MF 11 20-40 lb. 3-5 oz. 8' A light and powerful flipping stick, this 8' Expert makes it easy.










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