Hefner Tuesday Jackpots




Night Jackpot


Tuesday evenings beginning April 23, 2019




100% Payback         NO Membership Fees


 1 or 2 man teams


$20 for Tournament Entry and $5 for Big Bass Pot




 $25 Entry should be paid at




Entry fees can be paid in store any time


before 4:30pm of tournament day.




Entry fees paid at the LAKE will be $30


(The additional $5 will be used to pay for the weekly City event fee)




3 Fish limit   14” minimum




TOURNAMENT PAYOUT   $20 per boat: 


Up to 9 Boats         1 place paid -   1st - 100%  


10 to 15 Boats        2 places paid - 1st - 70%,  2nd 30%


16 or more Boats   3 places paid - 1st- 60%, 2nd - 25% 3rd - 15%


 BIG BASS POT - ($5 per boat)        1 place paid   100%  




I Sign this agreement without any reservations, fully aware that I am to participate completely and entirely at my own risk. My signature further indicates my agreement to abide by all of the rules and entry requirements set forth in this document.




Boater’ Signature_________________________________date__________






 Partner’s Signature_________________________________date__________












  • Lake Hefner will be off limits for fishing and or boating to contestants the day of the tournament. Live well checks will be conducted randomly.




  • Coast Guard approved life jackets and a kill switch must be in use while boat is on plane. Boats must have a live well system capable of pumping and or re-circulating water to keep fish alive.




  • Tournament end times will be by global cell phone / GPS. Artificial baits only. Only one rod and reel in use at any time.




  • Boats can launch after 5:00 pm or after checked in. Boats must remain at the ramp areas until official take off. The drawing of takeoff position TOKENS will be at 5:30pm.  Takeoff will be shortly after the drawing.




  • Anglers should conduct good sportsmanship, boater safety, State laws, City regulations, lake rules and off limits. No wake inside of the rock jetties, coves or in no wake areas. Anglers should be courteous on the water and stay clear of bank fishermen and other lake users.




  • YOUR NUMBERED TOKEN MUST BE IN THE CHECK IN CONTAINER BY TOURNAMENT END TIME. No late weigh in!  Weigh in bags with water must be used to transport fish to the scales. ( weigh in bags will be provided ).




  • A one pound penalty will be assessed for each dead fish weighed.


Any ties in weight will be broken by: 1- Most fish, 2- heaviest fish, 3- coin toss


Any protest must be in presented to the tournament officials prior to the conclusion of the weigh in.




  • The Tournament Director’s decisions are final.




·         In the event of severe weather during the tournament, Participants


 are encouraged to get off the water and seek shelter.